My Top Recommended Software and Solutions

Please know that 9 out of 10 of my recommendations will likely result in me making a commission. This in no way alters your price. You will get the same exact price whether you use my link or not. 

Obviously I hope you do use it, so I can receive (what I perceive as) a fair compensation for having done the marketing and selling of a product or service for the company. 😉

In closing, I only recommend what I TRULY believe in.

Either I use it now, have used it in the past, but my needs have changed, or someone I hold in the highest regard and completely trust is 100% behind the product.



Less Time on Marketing & More on Creating

ConvertKit helps creators like you earn a living online by building tools that help you grow your audience, connect with your true fans, and earn a living by selling digital products and services online.

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Have or Want a Podcast?

Industry leaders don’t choose lightly. Buzzsprout is the home to many of the top podcasters online and there’s no doubt why. Their dedication to the podcaster and focus on quality make Buzzsprout the obvious choice. Start for free and see for yourself!

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Make WordPress Load Fast in a Few Clicks

Minimal Configuration, Immediate Results

Don’t waste your time struggling with complex plugin settings.

WP Rocket launches upon activation.


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WordPress Managed Hosting

I offer amazing, Managed WordPress Hosting in the super-fast Google Cloud.  

The benefit of going with me is that you will get Elementor Pro (visual website builder) and Generate Press Pro (theme) included in the price. I will also set you up on SE Ranking SEO monitoring, and connect Google Analytics (unless you prefer to do that yourself).

We can track your site and social signals, and you will get a monthly report in your inbox.

You will have weekly plugin updates, daily backups, and I will provide you with a plan to continue to improve your site visitors and the quality of your website.

Who this is NOT for: Someone who wants to be working on the site themselves, making modifications and have a 24/7 support line.

Who this IS for: Whoever wants to “set it and forget it” as far as the technical or design side is concerned.

Content creators are 100% welcome and encouraged to focus on the content you are so passionate about – and should be putting out into the world.

Together we will create a plan to improve your site and make it work for your business.

With me, you will also have the inside scoop on any promotions or exclusive training, among other added features that make my deal absolutely UNBEATABLE.

In closing, if you want your site up, beautiful, and running fast, and to forget about all the technical and design stuff, you’ve come to the right place!

Join the small and growing family of amazing creators before this freelance hosting provider runs out of space to serve you!


Visual WordPress Site Builder

If you have not heard of Elementor, you are in for a treat! Check out their beautiful and ever-evolving visual website builder below. It is the choice platform for many of the amazing and beautiful websites you visit on the web every day (including my clients’)! But don’t take my word for it! Check it out below!


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WordPress Premium Theme

I use and resell GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme. it’s a lightweight, intuitive theme with everything you need to make a beautiful, fast website!

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YouTube Channel Manager & Optimizer

If you would like to connect with millions of potential viewers on YouTube but don’t know where to start or how to optimize your channel for maximum exposure and impact, look no further. TubeBuddy is the one-stop-shop for everything you need to succeed on YouTube!

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I use and resell Zoho CRM. It’s a newer acquisition in my arsenal of tools, and it has the biggest bang for the buck and isn’t lacking in integrations – both in the Zoho universe and external… This is a surprisingly full-featured CRM that will not break the bank. You will not be disappointed!

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All-In-One SEO Platform

There are a few top tools out there for creating a winning SEO strategy for your website – and maintaining your competitive edge. This is my #1 SEO tool for my sites as well as my clients’ websites. Inside you will have access to 35+ tools to help you rank and remain competitive!
Try their 14-day Free Trial!

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The Best Place To Buy Domains

If you are looking for one place to keep all of your domain names, get free who-is protection for life and possibly even host your email, Namecheap is your solution. Most of my domains are at Namecheap now and I no longer get them anywhere else.

If you use Gsuite or would like to have a slightly tighter integration of your domains with your Gsuite account, Google Domains is also a strong choice.


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G Suite Business Applications

I am a fan of Google and G Suite. In G Suite and the incredible universe of Google and the Google Cloud, there are some amazing solutions at your fingertips.

I am also getting more and more involved with Zoho and its universe of similar applications and even though they are direct competitors, I feel that you can either choose one, the other, or both – depending on your needs and business model. I use both. 😉

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Get More Traffic To Your Site

If you would like to get the inside scoop on increasing your website visitors and improving sales, Russell has this amazing gem available for you, leveraging his free plus shipping model. Since I am in Brazil I will have to wait even longer for access to this, but if it is anything like his other books, it should be absolutely fantastic!

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Sell More Online Using Funnels

Are you  curious about sales funnels and how to make profitable sales journeys for your audience? Look no further! Using Russel’s famous (free plus shipping) book offer will give you access to some amazing new perspectives, strategies and actionable tactics for leveraging your online marketing and make those sales!

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This is not an all-inclusive list, but these are some of the top applications and solutions in my arsenal. I hope you enjoyed the list and took some value from it. The best of luck and if you have any questions about the solutions above or are curious about others, just get in touch through whichever communication is easiest for you!